Summary: These data include 48 healthy controls from a community (student) sample from Beijing Normal University in China. Each participant has 3 resting state fMRI scans. During the first scan participants were instructed to rest with their eyes closed. The second and third resting state scan were randomized between resting with eyes open versus eyes closed. In addition this dataset contains a 64-direction DTI scan for every participant.

The following data are released for every participant:

Creative Commons License: Attribution - Non-Commercial


Please include the following grant acknowledgement in any publications arising from these data: Financial support for the data used in this project was provided by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China: 30770594 and a grant from the National High Technology Program of China (863): 2008AA02Z405.


Data Release Table

BeijingEOEC.part1.LiteNIFTI BeijingEOEC.part2.LiteNIFTI

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